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Dynamic websites

A dynamic website is:

A website where the pages visited by the visitors are adapted and executed according to the type of visit or the moment: type of search, period; Post comments, interact.

We speak of dynamic website as opposed to a static website. These are not positive or negative assessments but technological differences.

  • The static website consists of fixed HTML pages, created and updated by a webmaster.
  • In a dynamic website: content is disassociated from its formatting and stored in a database. The information is extracted, displayed in a page template designed by the webmaster and stored on the server.
  • The container is therefore managed by the webmaster; The content can be managed by users who create or update pages easily. The users are administrators, editors or visitors of the website: a dynamic website allows to create communities of Internet users who manage a website or benefit from personalized access by profiles ...

All websites are destined to become dynamic and all website of Web-open is dynamic.

See examples below:


ALBIOCLEAN - Site réalisé par Web-open

Company ALBIOCLEAN of Mr. Andrea LENORMAND fight against pests

Respect for flora and fauna is its priority.

At ALBIOCLEAN, they are passionate about creating new innovative products that are pioneers in the pest control sector.

They provide high-quality services to all their clients, adapted to each case, while respecting the flora and fauna that are so dear to them as much as possible.

Dynamic site hosted on our servers.

L'arTmature Gallery

L'arTmature Gallery - Site réalisé par Web-open

Website of an art gallery in Fresnay-sur-Sarthe (72) France

The site presents the different exhibitions, artists and works.

Dynamic site hosted on our servers.

Du Domaine des Landes

Du Domaine des Landes - Site réalisé par Web-open

L'Élevage du Domaine des Landes dans la Manche (50) à LE TEILLEUL

Spécialiste de deux races de chien, Le Bichon maltais et le Shih-tzu ; chiens de petite race et de compagnie.

Site dynamique hébergé sur nos serveurs.

Le Lion et le Pélican

Le Lion et le Pélican - Site réalisé par Web-open

"Le Lion et le Pélican" is an association created in 2007, it aims to organize cultural and leisure activities:

Dance, Concerts, Theater, Conferences, General Animation.

The association "Le Lion et le Pélican" has for objective to promote the living spectacle on our community of communes of High Sarthe and Alpes Mancelles and in particular on Beaumont-sur-Sarthe and Vivoin place of its birth.

The site presents the shows proposed by the association.


HL-Performance - Site réalisé par Web-open

HL-Performance, website of a convenience store PC, Mac, Smarphone et Tablette.

- advice on the purchase of equipment,
- an optimization of your configuration,
- maintenance of your equipment,
- Troubleshooting your PC, Mac, Smartphone and Tablet,
- a cleaning of your hardware following a reconfiguration or a virus,
- training on the use of your equipment.

MCRM Automobiles

MCRM Automobiles - Site réalisé par Web-open

MCRM Automobiles - Bosch Service

MCRM Automobiles in Fresnay-sur-Sarthe, your garage Bosch Car Service welcomes you for the purchase, maintenance and repair of your vehicle.


Made-in-sarthe - Site réalisé par Web-open

All that is conceived, manufactured or assembled in Sarthe (72) France

This site presents the companies that make the Sarthe move by their innovations.

Dynamic presentation website and hosted on our servers.


Web-open - Site réalisé par Web-open

Website creation site

Communication, a spearhead of the 21st century! Web-open supports you in your communication.

Dynamic website hosted on our servers.


Alpes mancelles activités

Alpes mancelles activités - Site réalisé par Web-open

The website Alpes mancelles activities aims to promote activities in the Alps Mancelles.

Website of presentation of commercial, artisanal, professional and associative activities in the Alpes Mancelles.

Dynamic presentation website hosted on our servers.

La Fontaine du Temps

La Fontaine du Temps - Site réalisé par Web-open

Michel FLANDRIN, antique dealer in Fresnay sur Sarthe,

Petite Cité de Caractère, offers you its services of sale, purchase and estimation as well as a service of restoration on gilded wood (frame, console, etc ...), terra cotta ...

Sale of old linen.

Antiquarian and passionate; Since many years, I select my objects on the periods of the 18th, 19th and 20th century in furniture, paintings and objets d'art ... Everything is presented in perfect condition, set in a pleasant setting.

Dynamic website hosted on our servers.


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