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Rates of services

Web-open : Rates of services

Web-open invents the I.M.R. "The Internet at Moderate Rent"

No investment, no immobilization, everything is in charge.
No special knowledge, no puzzles, Web-open takes care of everything and also the uploading of your products or services. Web-open can also take care of your social networks.

Web-open takes care of everything :

  • Of the domain name,
  • Accommodation,
  • Creation of mailboxes,
  • Of the creation of the website,
  • Maintenance and updating of the website,
  • Of the evolution of the website,
  • Of the referencing,
  • Training.

The subscription formula facilitates web communication.

The biggest difficulty for small businesses with little or no experience in the web is to create a site that may not match their real needs. There, we find sites "dead", without updating or referencing.

So Web-open offers you scalable sites. After having assessed the basic needs, Web-open realizes the site and makes it evolve. Web-open, will add the necessary functions, take care of the technological update and make the site alive, companies keeping their hands on commercial information, putting their documents, products or services themselves up- A hotline to help them. It is a partnership that sets up never leaving them alone or abandoned in front of the internet tool.

Here are the three basic I.M.R. proposals :

  • Showcase a page to your domain name and email.
    From 100 € per month*
  • Multipage website to your domain name and five emails.
    From 150 € per month*
  • E-commerce site with your domain name and five e-mails.
    From 200 € per month*

*Proposed rates for small businesses, craftsmen, traders and associations.

Web-open can study any other possibilities.

Nevertheless, it is possible to have a free-standing site formula

After establishing a specification, Web-open takes care of the rest. After purchasing the site and paying for an annual accommodation, the updates and the evolution of the site are invoiced separately.

  • Personal website with the domain name and one hundred e-mails.
    From 2.400 €*

*Rate without tax

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