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Internet, new world of small businesses

Web-open : Internet, new world of small businesses

The Internet and customers

Today, during a purchase, 95% of customers inquire and prepare their purchases on websites. 33% of them change their minds according to the information found and thus modify their wishes to buy!

Internet users do not hesitate to order on the other side of the world, even if they can have the product or service next door. Distances are abolished.

The internet and the company

The Internet for businesses has become the first medium between them and their customers. It is important not to miss out on this new technology. The digital universe opens new horizons for the company, as was the discovery of the Americas. We must take advantage of this and convert this virtual world into a real world and capture new customers without being kidnapped and thus increase market share.

On the Internet, in addition to the sites, there are also social networks that bring together the largest pool of consumers on the planet (for example there are 1.55 billion facebook accounts, millions in France and thousands locally close to At home, not counting other social networks).

So far, it is no longer possible to be absent from the internet and social networks. Nor is it possible to be an amateur on the net. Faults or mistakes can be fatal for the company. For example, an internet site badly or not referenced is useless and it is to efface oneself from the web of the world and disappear without even noticing it.

The goal of the internet for a small company is: to be found in the mass of information although we do not seek it.

To achieve this, new professionals have emerged.

The "free" platforms that you intoxicate to make you believe that two mouse clicks your site is made, professional and efficient. All these sites are identical with the same images, even, the same texts. And why would the big net companies make you sites for free and would spend millions for you? This is to sell you in suite services essential to the proper functioning of your site. This is to recover your data and market it elsewhere. This is to advertise your pages and thus divert your customers! What a great result for your image and your business!

Do you have the finances to make a site worthy of your business?

Do you have the knowledge to do it?Do you have time to do that?

Why go through Web-open?

Because Web-open invents the I.M.R. "The Internet at Moderate Rent"

You do not have the finances to do it, Web-open does not sell you out of price a dead site from birth.
Web-open leases you on a small budget a site alive with technological improvements and the follow-up of the evolution of your commercial offers.

You do not have the knowledge to do it, Web-open takes care of everything, the domain name, the hosting, the emails, the construction of the site, its maintenance, the uploading of your first Products or services, referencing and technological development. Web-open assists you in the layout of your information.

You do not have time to do it, Web-open is there to work for you. And as the saying goes so well, "has each his job". Web-open makes your site evolve according to your needs. So do not waste your time, do not learn another trade, do not make fatal mistakes.

Your mission: do what you know how to do well and grow your business.

Web-open is a local company, close to you, with your listening, follows you and assists you daily in your approach of webmarketing.

Web-open ensures your presence on the net, presents your products and services.

Web-open realizes your site, your page on a social network connected to your site.

Web-open realizes your printed materials in correlation with your site and linked by QR codes that point directly on the page of information or promotion of your site and will direct your prospects and customers directly where you want to lead them.

Web-open can also manage your site, your social network and the comments of your clients. This management is crucial for the proper functioning of your company at the time of the 21st century. Poorly managed, they have immediate devastating effects.

So with the help of Web-open:

  • Increase your direct sales.
  • Increase your turnover
  • Increase your customer base and increase customer loyalty.
  • Understand the desires of your customers better.
  • Optimize your marketing and communication expenses.
  • Improve your SEO on the Internet.
  • Diversify your communication networks.
  • Control your image and increase your reputation.
  • Make your work effort more efficient.
  • Save time.
  • Earn money.

Web-open takes care of everything and thus frees you from this indispensable task to this day and makes you live on the net.

So are you ready to survive the 21st century?

In 2020 professionals who will not exist on the web, will no longer exist at all!

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